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Chicago Cop Who Oversaw Torture of Over 100 Prisoners Awaits His Sentence

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Infamous Police Commander Who Oversaw Torture of Over 100 Prisoners Awaits His Sentence

The depressing Jon Burge saga in Chicago reinforces the notion that racial bias is part of the institutional gene pool of the nation’s police departments.

G. Flint Taylor should be basking in the glow of vindication as he awaits the January 20 sentencing of Jon Burge, the retired Chicago police commander convicted for lying about a ring of torturing cops he led.

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Picasso among works of art stolen in Spain

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Picasso among works of art stolen in Spain

Spanish police have revealed that 28 works of art, including one by Picasso, have been stolen from a warehouse in an industrial zone near Madrid.

Police said three masked men broke into the warehouse in Getafe and took a lorry containing the works, worth about 5m euros (£4.2m, $6.6m).

Steel sculpture by Eduardo Chillida

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Clown-Masked Robber Surprises Woman On Toilet

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Clown-Masked Robber Surprises Woman On Toilet

clown-masked robber 111810
Robbery isn’t a laughing matter, typically. How about when a suspect, wearing a clown mask, robs an Akron woman while she’s on the commode?Read more at www2.nbc4i.com