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Job Seekers’ Most Overused Buzzwords

Amplify’d from www.livescience.com

Job Seekers’ Most Overused Buzzwords Revealed

Job seekers aim to stand out in a crowded pool of applicants, but according to a new survey released on Tuesday (Dec. 14) by the professional networking site LinkedIn, many people are using the same overused buzzwords to describe themselves.

The most overused phrase found in U.S. professionals’ profiles is “extensive research.” Rounding out the top ten are the following: “innovative” (No. 2), “motivated” (No. 3), “results-oriented” (No. 4), “dynamic” (No. 5), “proven track record” (No. 6), “team player” (No. 7), “fast-paced” (No. 8), “problem solver” (No. 9) and “entrepreneurial” (No. 10).

Read more at www.livescience.com



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