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Is the US fighting a covert race-war?

Amplify’d from open.salon.com

Race War?

Argument: The present war on illegal immigration is really not a war on illegal immigrants per se, but a war on non-white illegal immigrants.

Common response by Conservatives (1): White immigrants assimilate better in this country, therefore, there is nothing at all wrong with preferential treatment along racial lines.

The truth is that whichever response is used, they usually make clear that the war on illegal immigration is largely racial. This has been long understood by immigration activists as well as those on the anti-immigration side. Anti-immigration activists are using immigration as a camouflage for a racial war. The arguments about law, and “the rule of law” serve mostly to distract from its pogrom aspects. This means that the illegality part of the argument is irrelevant except as an excuse to reduce America’s non-white population by whatever means available.

Read more at open.salon.com



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