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Prime Time TV’s Biggest Drunks

Amplify’d from www.thedailybeast.com

Must Drink TV: Prime Time’s Biggest Drunks

Modern Family’s group got sloshed, Kathie Lee and Hoda sipped martinis, and Charlie Sheen’s alter-ego couldn’t see straight. Kara Cutruzzula is keeping tabs on the boozehounds.

The world probably hasn’t stopped spinning for this week’s most notorious drunks.

After a weeklong absence, Cougar Town came back with a vengeance. Its suburbanites were thirsty enough to challenge the Manhattanites from How I Met Your Mother, but which cast ended up with the bigger hangover? Young Manny from Modern Family celebrated his birthday, yet all he wanted was to relive his childhood (little does he know adult beverages are much more delicious than mixing three kinds of soda). Did he sneak a sip? And who had a funeral for her favorite broken wine glass? Prepare to be disturbed.

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