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Futuristic Crowd-Control And Anti-Riot Devices


Futuristic Crowd-Control And Anti-Riot Devices

Here are some ideas for anti-riot weaponry that may or may not prove viable, but would certainly be effective if they were ever invented and used.

Note: I am in no way lumping all protests and demonstrations as bad things. Obviously, there are different causes, some with more value than others. These are simply concepts for weapons to be used for crowd-control in case a protest gets out of hand and threatens to cause injury to people not involved in it.

15 Minute Lice

Shotgun shells  filled with sterile (non-reproductive) lice-eggs genetically altered to live for a short period of time, and, most importantly, not to reproduce. They would also be bred for rapacity and the ability to cause discomfort. Shortly before use, the lice can be re-hydrated by the user to revive them, then fired at rioters or combatants. 15-minute lice could, potentially, also be used as an interrogation aid.

Read more at www.bukisa.com


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